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I help women connect with their deceased loved ones to channel solutions to their business problems!


My goal is to help you shift your life & for you to become the best entrepreneur possible!



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Wow, this word makes my skin crawl. I have felt this feeling and I was in it for a year, and it was hard for me to deal with, let alone for my husband and my children to deal with.

You know, overwhelm always happens when there's one extra thing added to your life. You have a totally good life, you're totally thriving and then one BIG thing happens. 
Maybe it's:
-a business that is expanding
-having another child
-care-giving for someone else in your family
-one extra thing added to your plate 
-it's not hiring that person that you know you need to hire because you tell yourself "oh no I got it"
-being around a person that just takes a little bit more out of you than others
-losing an important person from your life that helped you stay out of overwhelm

There's that one thing that kind of breaks the overwhelm cycle and you get to that place where things need to shift.

There's been generations in which women were constantly in overwhelm, in a place of frustration, unhappiness and thinking we have to do everything. but times are changing. It's okay to ask for help and it's okay to stay out of overwhelm. You are not a "bad" person if you ask for help, you are not "bad" for choosing a different option than the generation before you did.

In today's society, we have amazing people who can support you, your growth, and your busy life. Allowing you to have the greatest potential in your life & business.

Ladies, this is a pivotal time in our lives where we are able to have a possible work life balance. There may be things that need to be put in place and judgments you have about yourself that need to be let go in order to have that balance. There is an opportunity to have a good balance, get out of overwhelm and stress. There's an opportunity to actually be our best selfes but there may be tools and techniques that need to be established to take you out of the place that you're in right now.

Does this sound like your life?

Which one best describes your life: 
A. Overwhelmed
B. Stressed
C. Have an unhealthy balance of work and life
D. All of the above

Fear of success is real and it is stopping your growth ?!

I often hear people say they have a fear of failure, but more people than not have a fear of success. It's usually the fear of everything that is possible and everything that you are trying to achieve can actually happen - sounds great but also sounds scary ??.

There's so many ways we self-sabotage ourselves into not wanting to have the thing we actually want ?♥️?‍❤️‍?‍??‍♀️. We are hoping for that big goal but are not actively taking the steps to actually have that dream and vision come true ?.

Remember that we have to start seeing ? the self-sabotaging behaviors to move past what holds us back, and to be able to confidently walk ?‍♀️into the fear of the unknown. We have to walk into the fear of success no matter how uncomfortable it is.

The good news is, if you take the right action and if you take the right steps by continuing to show up, the fear of success diminishes.

The first ?thing that needs to be done, is to love ❤️ the place within yourself that has fear of success. By doing that, we create opportunity to heal the fears and therefore are able to move forward in confidence.

Do you have a fear of success?

In what area of your life is fear causing you to stop forward progress on the goals and dreams you desire? ??‍♀️♥️?

If you are ready to learn about overcoming fear, visit the SHINE ? event on March 27. We will discuss fear and so much more!

I have a fear of being seen.

I don't know what happened, I don't know why it won't go away. It's so frustrating. I have a message, I have techniques that can help people shift their lives in big ways. Yet, how can I help thousands of people and make a difference in the world if no one is seeing my message?

I've done videos, Facebook posts, and I have spent plenty of money on advertising only to realize it's hardly being seen and with very little to no traction. It is amazing what self-sabotage creates when you have a fear.

Do you also have a fear of being seen? It could be a fear of being seen in front of one hundred people or as little as five people. It takes an inner confidence to move past this fear. It takes extra gumption to concur with that place within us that would prefer hiding rather than being judged, scorned, questioned, or hated for our creation. It's no wonder why we're just to scared to be seen in front of people who do not know us.

There was a time in my life where it was better to be hidden which may be the reason I remain hidden regardless of the effort I've put forth attempting to be seen.

Whether you are an actor, a dreamer, a speaker, a coach, a minister, an inventor, an author, or you just want to be seen by someone, we need to take grab hold of this and reclaim this fear of being seen.

This post is my one step to being seen by more people. While it is uncomfortable to talk about this fear, and definitely uncomfortable uncovering my fear in this avenue, I know that I need to display my big bad fear in order to overcome it and be triumphant moving forward.

I honestly don't know very many people who have this fear of being seen as it is not discussed in many circles, let alone in social places.

If you are experiencing this fear, just know that your fear is valid, and we must remember to discuss this fear more frequently so that others may overcome as well.

Help me work through this fear and kindly share this post!

Do you have this fear too?
What is one thing you can do today to walk through your fear of being seen?

Do you realize we live in a life of divine timing?There is so many tiny steps to make things happen in our lives.

So often we go through life expecting things to happen on our time schedule and expecting things to happen at the time we think is best for us. For example, we EXPECT that if we lose that job, the next one will show up just a few days later.

If you think that's how the world, universe, or God works, you've got it all wrong. What I have learned over the last few years is everything is divine timing, EVERYTHING! We forget how things happen at a specific time that is truly out of our hands.

I understand the feeling of wanting things to be the way you want it, and when you want it. I'm learning more and more everything happens in the exact right time.

A perfect example would be a job. I'll never forget when a friend went for a management position and he didn't get it. He was accepting of the outcome, but I told him "it was never yours to begin with". If it had been the right position for him, he would have gotten that job - no questions asked. It was just never meant to be. Looking back, I realized that it's not a bad thing nor a good thing, it just is.

In this society of "get what I want, when I want," we need to realize, that if something isn't coming to us immediately or on our timing, then it's just not that right time or the right opportunity for us.

When you start a new job you have to be completely ready and open to receiving that position, and at the same time, management has to like you and see something in you that enables them to hire you while also having the previous employee leave that position at that exact moment to have the position open up for you. It has to be in an industry & location that you like too.

When you break it down into all the little segments, you'll see that all of the doors that opened and led to you being hired is not just amazing, it's divine timing.

Same can be said for relationships. If you're looking for a relationship with a particular person, that person has to be open and available to meet you and to fully be present with you, while at the same time, you have to open and totally available to receive that person, allowing both of you to partake in the relationship.

It is a powerful thing when you step back and realize all the little tiny pieces that go into the bigger pictures of our lives.

So, the next time you're saying "I want a relationship" or "I want a job", just be open, take a step back and realize it'll come when it is meant for you. Trust in the divine timing. The universe has your back!!

Ask yourself, 
"what do I need to do today to be open to receiving ____?" i.e. my new job? My boyfriend? More money?

I gave away $10,000 of my business last year! 
You may be asking, "you did what?!?!?"

I gave away major portions of my business that was making me at least $10,000. I know you are having a jaw-dropping pause at this moment. 

I bet your second question is "why the heck did you do that KITSY?" 

Well, it's simple really. I felt that inner nudge - that "knowing" that it was time for different things. Even though those parts of my business were amazing and incredible, it was time to move on. When you know you know. 

Sometimes when you have a big goal or a new vision, you have to let go of the things you are currently working on to allow that new goal or vision to come through, especially if your current accomplishments are no longer aligning with your future. You have to leave those parts of your business behind. 

I knew I had out grown my business. I knew it was time to move on to better things, and I wanted to give those previous accomplishments to people that would take good care of them and use them to continue making an impact in the community. 

Are you feeling a shift or change in your business, but are to scared to follow through? 

Trust what you are receiving. It can be hard to outgrow your business, but by doing so, you are opening the door to a beautiful potential for bigger and better things.


Three years ago I had a massive "faith period" in my life. ??

To some, getting pregnant is filled with excitement and amazement. ???

For others however, hearing the word "pregnant" is scary. ?You like your life the way it is. You love your job, your family is wonderful and perfect just the way it is, you love EVERYTHING about your life, so the thought of adding another child is almost like the feeling of going backwards in life. You have to go back to the diapers, you have to go back to sleepless nights, and you may have to go back to breastfeeding for a year or longer. ?

That's where I was in life three years ago. I thought having a second child would interfere with everything of my life. ??

I didn't know what to do, I didn't know where to turn. As much as I was so excited for this new little baby, I was scared as all heck! ??♥️

I never really pictured myself as a mother, let alone a mother of two✌?!

? Keep reading, this story does get better.

I remember talking to my mom and her saying "this is a blessing, why would you be scared?" Which only made me feel worse. ?

I decided to look for a therapist at a pregnancy center, I hoped she would understand where I was coming from, but you know what she told me? She told me "that almost every patient she sees came in for the same concern that I had. They were scared of having, or adding, a child, they were scared of how the baby would change their life, they were scared of rearranging their life for this baby of whom they knew nothing about."?

She told me "everything was going to be okay, and that it was very possible that I might not feel comfortable with having this new child until the day he's born." ?? I was kind of hoping she was going to tell me that things would change next week, but she didn't.

I remember asking the therapist if I would possibly have postpartum depression, which she advised that in most cases, people that come to see her before the delivery of their newborn ??, do not have issues after.

I have to admit that both times, she was right. Because while I was scared and anxious up until the moment he came into my life, the second he was born, life took a complete 180.?? And I totally fell in love with him!??

After he was born I put down everything; I accepted the changes, I loved the breastfeeding, I loved all the changes that this little guy brought into my life. ?? Now, at 2 years old, he is still making amazing and unbelievable changes in my life!

I realize that those emotions of being scared, of having no clue how it makes sense, and how it could ever make sense, meant nothing as God ? and the universe ? held me tight. I learned that sometimes the things we are most scared of will set us free and make us become whole. ?

Remember how I said that this was a good story? Well, I love that kid like crazy ? and though he has definitely changed my life, I am loving and accepting every change along the way. I've had to go back to the diapers, I did a year of breastfeeding? , I rearranged my whole business for my little guy, and he has changed my life in fun, amazing and truly beautiful ways! Maybe that was what I was feeling that day when I was scared, maybe I knew he was going to change my whole life, and maybe it was EXACTLY what I needed.

All of this to say, if you're going through a "faith period" in your life; whether it's a child ? , your business ?, or life ??, just remember that it ALWAYS works out...ALWAYS! Though it may not look like it at that moment, or that week, or that month, or even that year, I guarantee that it WILL work out and it WILL change your life!

Remember, it is totally normal to feel scared ? , anxious ? , or uncomfortable ? about growth, but you must keep doing the steps required to so that you not only grow, but you blossom ?!

Are you having a "faith period"?

Repeat after me "everything is okay and it WILL all work out!"?‍?‍?‍???

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