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Kitsy HigginsPsychic Medium & Business Coach Speaker, Teacher, & Writer

About Kitsy Higgins

   Thank you for visiting my website! I help people release the expectations that are holding them back in life! Though I started my Becoming Whole journey 13 years ago, my whole life changed 6 years ago when I started to follow my inner guidance (intution or sixth sense). Tired of running on auto pilot, I was looking for a more fulfilling life. A life that I loved and would be proud of. When I speak of inner guidance I speak of that beautiful voice within that knows what you most need, your heart. 


   There were many things that have changed since beginning my journey, I try to have no expectations for myself, I am in the flow of life rather than resisting change, and I have found faith (deep, profound, life changing faith)!!!  My life is fulfilling and I am changing the world one person at a time!!


   More and more people are looking to change their ways because their current way is no longer working for them. People are getting tired of making their decisions out of fear and looking for another option but they don't know where to start. What better way for you to start a journey then to learn from someone that has done just that!


Love, light, and blessings



Newspaper Articles about Kitsy

Valley News Dispatch - Jan 24, 2016


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