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Psychic Medium Reading - Hotline to Heaven

Messages of Healing, Hope and Destiny!


Was there something you needed to say? Something you needed to hear? Or perhaps you are simply tired, confused and in need of clarity and Divine Guidance. The Hotline to heaven session is for you when you’ve become aware that something is missing…but you can’t quite put your finger on what… if you’re struggling to move on from the death of a loved one… or if you’ve deepened your spirituality and are ready to partner in an ongoing basis with your angels and guides to experience a more fulfilling life on this earth, this is for you.

Investment: $150/hr

Investment: $80/30 min


Intuitive Business Session – Hire heaven as your business consultant


Stuck on a business problem? Can’t seem to hit the next level? Your deceased loved ones, angels and guides have perspective beyond our earthly capabilities. Heaven can literally be your “angel” investor and advisory board, providing valuable insight into what it will take to experience rapid growth in your business. This is a unique, holistic and intuitive approach for entrepreneurs and healers who have exhausted their resources in this world and are ready to tap into the power and wisdom of the world beyond!

Investment: $275/90 min



3rd Eye Psychic Surgery – Awaken your Connection between this world and the next


Have you always been aware that you’re different? Have you felt a pull to deepen your intuitive gifts? With the 3rd Eye Psychic Surgery, abilities that have BEEN DORMANT your entire life will come alive!


The veil will be lifted between you and the next realm and you will experience a feeling of spontaneous insight.


Use it to communicate on your own behalf. Use it to strengthen your ability to help your clients. But most importantly…use it!


This is a ground-breaking, 90-minute process that dissolves the wall between you and the messages you need to hear or deliver.


Be ready! Once your third eye is open you will become a powerful Conduit for messages from heaven and will be a 24/7 receptor of life-changing insight!


*Third Eye Psychic Surgery DOES NOT HURT, most you may feel pressure or a headache for a day* 

Investment: $59.00

Please note this is a digital course. You will receive the videos by email minutes after ordering. Less than 90 minutes in length.



Heal the World


You weren’t meant to stay hidden.


The gifts you possess as a healer or reader weren’t meant to be limited by geography. They were meant to be shared with the world!


Now you can expand your reach and your income with this ground-breaking program specifically created for Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

You will learn the step-by-step method for taking your business to the digital stage, packaging your services into signature offers that can be automated and positioning yourself as the go-to resource in your niche.


This is the most powerful path to connecting to clients all over the world who are waiting to be helped by your work.


Spots are limited so click here now to book your Complimentary session and see if Heal the World is right for you!

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