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Reiki One E-Course


Becoming Whole 12 week Healing Journey


Third Eye Psychic Surgery

Reiki One E-Course


Reiki was a game changer in my life This is a great place to start your personal development journey!

With the Reiki Course you will be able to

-Do Reiki to yourself and others ANYTIME

-Start your own Spiritual or Healing JOURNEY

-Learn everything you need to know to be a CONFIDENT Reiki practitioner


-Printable CERTIFICATE to show achievement

-Take the course in the COMFORT OF YOUR HOME

-Become Reiki attuned in LESS than 2.5 hours

Becoming Whole 12 Week Journey - Digital Course


Heal your past and present to create a better future!


-Know that something needs to change to find true happiness?


-Are you looking for faith even though you have no place to start?


-Are you looking to change/shift your life?



If your answer is "YES," then my 12 Week Becoming Whole Online Course is designed for you.


Take your own journey to learn


-Taking back your power

-Release your control


-Removing what doesn't encourage you



How does it work?

This 12 week Becoming Whole journey will be sent to your email every week for 12 weeks. Tools, techniques, and other beliefs that if applied, will create a new course for your life!


Steps to this transition:

1.Watch the video each week

2.Search within yourself to see what needs healed

3.Apply the tools & techniques into your life.

That easy!



Also included:

-Becoming Whole 60 min call which is a value of $249.99

Third Eye Psychic Surgery


Looking to develop your intuition FURTHER?


Purchase the THIRD EYE PSYCHIC SURGERY and you will:


-Discover abilities that have LAIN DORMANT will come forward after this surgery.


-Receive the Third Eye Psychic Surgery which will OPEN, CLEAR, & STRENGTHENS your third eye


*Third Eye Psychic Surgery DOES NOT HURT, most you may feel pressure or a headache for a day* 


**Everyone from BEGINNERS to ADVANCED can benefit from this surgery**

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