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Becoming Whole 12 Week Group Journey


Reiki Session for Stress & Anxiety


Third Eye Psychic Surgery


So You Want to Be a Healer?


Forgiveness Workshop


Expectations Workshop


Judgment Workshop


Intuition Workshop


Guides & Angels Workshop


Become a Certified Angel Reader


John of God Meditation


John of God - Guided Meditation


Getting Unstuck in Your Life


Becoming Whole 12 Week Group Journey

September 13 - December 6

7:00- 8:30pm EST

Online via Zoom Webinar


Shift your life from panic attacks to inner peace! 



Take part in the weekly live workshops of the Becoming Whole Program. Learn, ask questions, & receive live feedback from Kitsy with this 12 week journey. These 12 workshops will allow a shift in your life allowing you to see the flow, and truly learn faith!


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Jump in at anytime, previous workshops will be sent to you when you join so you will not miss any. 


Reiki Session for Stress & Anxiety

Receive guidance and Reiki energy for stress & relaxation.

Release the things that are holding you back.

This session can be downloaded and used when you most need healing. 

This session works just as well as being in person.


Kitsy has been a Reiki practitioner for 12 years. She is a Reiki Master Teacher that helps you release the control on your life allowing you to have inner peace.


Third Eye Psychic Surgery

Open, clear, & strengthen your third eye. 


Discover abilities that have lain dormant


It does not hurt, at most you may feel pressure


Everyone from beginners to advanced can benefit


So You Want to be a Healer

Looking to start a healing business

i.e. Reiki, medium, tarot?

In this e-course you will learn:

-Ways to start a business professionally & affordably

-Important insights that will save you time & money

-Questions to expand & uplevel your business

Learn the secrets that will allow you to start your business with ease!


Forgiveness Workshop

Learn the 3 steps to forgiveness. An easy approach to start the process of moving past a situation.  We discuss the two situations of forgiveness; a situation where you are involved and not involved.


Expectations Workshop

Remove the sunglasses that are clouding the happiness in your life!. This workshop will discuss the 3 steps to remove expectations. Which will allow you to come to terms with what is happening and be in allowance.


Judgement Workshop

In this day & age it is hard to be ourselves. We are judged on being different yet we want to be ourselves. This workshop will discuss tools on how to allow judgement roll off your back. This workshop will give you the power to stand in your truth!


Intuition Workshop

Intuition is a God given gift and is highly recommended for life & business. Intuition allows you to have a life of ease & joy! With this 2 video package you will learn the 6 senses, how to increase intuition, & learn how it can make a difference in your life today!


Bundle the Intuition Workshop & Third Eye Psychic Surgery for $10 off


Guides & Angels Workshop

Interested in connecting with the Angel World? In this workshop we will discuss an easy way how to connect and receive messages from our invisible helpers. 
We also discuss a unique way to work with the Angels by transitioning Earthbound Spirits. Kitsy describes the two ways how to transition Spirits to Heaven. 

Become a Certified Angel Reader

Everything you need to know to start an Angel Reader Business!

Learn how to connect with your Guides & Angels with this Certified program. Receive important guidance on how to give Angel Readings.


This program includes Intuition Workshop, Guides & Angels Workshop, Meditations, Third Eye Psychic Surgery,  & So You Want To Be a Healer E-Course. Certificate of completion is included in package as well.



John of God Meditation

Receive the healing energy of John of God & the entities with this unique meditation. Kitsy will channel the entities to allow you to receive the healing that you need. You will feel, sense, & know that the entities are with you.


John of God "Your Unique Gift" Meditation

With this meditation you will be taken to a place that will allow you to receive the unique gift that will shift humanity. I will walk you through the same way I was given the Third Eye Psychic Surgery. If you are looking to help others and learn a new technique this is for you.


Buy both John of God Meditations and save $10


Getting Unstuck In Your Life Workshop

with Cynthia Miller

Sometimes in life there is something that is holding us back. Call it a thought, an energy, or a past life Cynthia will be able to release that energy to allow you to move with ease. With this online healing session she will clear what is holding you back.

Cynthia is an expert at helping clients get unstuck for the last 20 years.


"I have been working with Cynthia for the last 4 years and highly recommend working with her & this workshop" Kitsy


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