Victorian Era Spiritualism

October 19, 2019



Hampton Inn, 325 Granville Square Morgantown, WV  

Day Pass - $20, Workshop is free Back in the 1800’s, 1 in 10 people practiced Spiritualism, which is the belief that we all have the ability to communicate with the dead. It’s just like what you would picture for the Victorian era; women in beautiful dresses, drinking tea, supporting the women’s suffragette, and helping the world with messages of their deceased loved ones! Spiritualism as a belief had significantly decreased over the decades, but with stars like Theresa Caputo, and the Hollywood Medium there are more people believing again.  

In this lecture Kitsy will discuss: -What Spiritualism is. -Spiritualism in the 1800’s. -How to work with your intuition. -Group reading at the end of the lecture.  

Kitsy Higgins believes that we can all connect with our deceased loved ones. By opening the connection with the dead we are able to receive their beautiful messages & healing energ&es. Kitsy is a Psychic Medium and Business Coach, she is the creator of “Heal the World Academy”, a program that helps healers and people with messages that can save the world expand their message online. Utilizing her MBA and almost decade of experience as a Psychic Medium she coaches her clients in shifting their business to the next level. She has been featured in the media for mediumship and business coaching.  

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