Dreaming Big Workshop

Wednesday, December 18

 7:00-9:00pm Online Webinar via Zoom Free Workshop! 

  Do you have a big dream on your heart?  

Is the dream a little bit scary, or out of your comfort zone?  

Do you wonder how God, or the Universe, is going to allow you to fulfill this dream?  

If you answered yes, to any of the above questions then the Dreaming Big workshop is for you!  

I get it; I've been there before! I had big dreams and I set out to turn them into reality. It’s been great and I am taking risks while doing what my soul really desires. But I wish I would have known a little bit more before I got started. I wish that I would have researched a little bit more so I knew what to expect a road map of the path my big dreams led me down would have also been nice. You have a lot of questions in your mind right now. In this workshop we are going to discuss the important insights that will help guide your success and help you achieve that big goal. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to succeed!  

We will discuss: -How you can receive the guidance of your soul.  

-The important actions needed to achieve your goals.  

-How to work through your fears and resistance.  

Do not miss this one time workshop with the Big Dreamer Kitsy Higgins. Log in information will be provided after registration. If you’re not able to attend the live workshop, no worries! A recording of the workshop will be emailed to you the following business day.  

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Kitsy Higgins is a Psychic Medium & Success Coach. She is passionate about working with her clients deceased loved ones to heal their past, & to remove road blocks to their future.  

Utilizing her MBA and almost decade of experience as a Psychic Medium she can enable her clients to shift their life and business to the next level. She has been featured in the media for her mediumship and coaching abilities.

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