Kitsy Higgins Spiritual Business Coach
Kitsy HigginsSpiritualBusiness Coach

Business Coaching

Are you a female business owner:


-That is feeling OVERWHELMED?

-Have a BIG goal or vision?
-Feel like NOTHING is working out for you?
-On the BRINK of giving up?
-Looking to become the BEST version of yourself?
If you said YES,
let me help you shift your life and get out of overwhelm, stress, and unhappiness and into a life of EASE!
There are specific tools and techniques that can take you to the next level.
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In this 45 min session you will:
-See if working with Kitsy is your next step for your healing
-Receive clarity about your business & life
How Kitsy works that maybe different then most:

She has specific tools and techniques that she uses to help you get the RESULTS you are looking for. What has taken Kitsy 13 years to apply to her life she is able to teach you in 3-6 months.



"My soul was lighter after speaking with Kitsy” ~JB


“Kitsy truly has a gift” ~LM


“Kitsy will help you find a way to inner peace” ~ML

How much is your time & energy worth?!?


What else is possible?

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