Kitsy Higgins Spiritual Life & Business Coach
Kitsy HigginsSpiritual Life & Business Coach

Life Coaching

Are you ready to:


~Stop making decisions out of FEAR?


~Finally TRUST your gut and intution?


~Give into the FLOW of life?


~FORGIVE yourself, others and God?


~RELEASE  your control on others and your life?


~Be in ACCEPTANCE of yourself, your life, and others?


~Be HAPPY in your career or job?




Is it time for you to


Stop... Running upstream



           Be... At peace



Finally... Live the life you were born to live



If this sounds like you then you will want to join me for


Becoming Whole

Signature Program




How Kitsy works that maybe different then most:

She is able to hear what your intuition is telling you. So if you are in a place of not being sure what it is saying, there is a block, or maybe it is a whisper and you wished it was louder. She is able to speak it out loud what it is. Which will allow you to receive clarity, receive confirmation, and hear the steps that need done! 



"My soul was lighter after speaking with Kitsy” ~JB


“Kitsy truly has a gift” ~LM, Grieving mother of miscarried child


“Kitsy will help you find a way to inner peace” ~ML, Mother of two boys experiencing marriage trouble



Please only book the consultation if you truly feel you are ready for change and willing to invest in a coach. Thank you



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Shift your life starting today!

Start your own 12 week Becoming Whole Journey E-Course. Each week a video automatically sent to your inbox releasing the things are no longer serving you a purpose.

$995, valued over $2,995

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How much is your time & energy worth?!?


What else is possible?


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