Becoming Whole Digital Course

Release the baggage that is holding you back!

Are you ready to:  

~Stop making decisions out of FEAR? ~Finally TRUST your gut and intuition? ~Give into the FLOW of life? ~FORGIVE yourself, others and God? ~RELEASE expectations and limited beliefs? ~Be in ACCEPTANCE of yourself, your life, and others? ~Be HAPPY in your career or job?  

Is it time for you to:  

STOP...running upstream peace the life you were born to live!

If this sounds like you, then start your

BECOMING WHOLE 12 Week Healing Journey  


~Forgiveness The way to create lasting forgiveness in your life  

~Judgments Learning how to be yourself in the midst of others opinions of you  

~Intuition Develop your intuition to connect with your inner guru.  

~Guides & Angels Receive the messages loud and clear. Connecting with them allow you a much easier and peaceful life.  

~The Flow How to learn to go with the flow and to allow life to occur without massive stress  

~Expectations How expectations are shading your life and the 3 steps on how to remove them.

Please note this is a digital course. You will receive the first weeks videos by email minutes after ordering. One video sent each week, each video 90 minutes in length. All videos sent to your email automatically. Additional resources and videos provided.  


This course also includes Kitsy's Reiki 1 e-course included. Become Reiki certified and attuned in less than 3 hours in the comfort of your own home! $125 value  


In addition Kitsy's most popular workshop "Third Eye Psychic Surgery" is also included.  

-Decalcify & reopen your Third Eye which has been closed from years of not using it.  

-Increase your intuition.  

-Reconnect with your deceased loved ones, guides, and angels.  

$49 value  

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