My name is Kitsy Higgins and I help women succeed with the help of their deceased loved ones!

I'm a Coach and a Psychic Medium. Why both you may ask?

I started a successful local business as a Psychic Medium and healer in the Pittsburgh area in 2012. Before then, I had a successful corporate job, but l left after the birth of my first son, Reiley. I loved my Mediumship business and the community I helped develop there during the five years of its operation. I helped over 400 people with my readings and with my Reiki sessions.

But everything changed when my youngest son, Colin, was born in 2017. I closed my local business and gave almost EVERYTHING away that was tied to the business.

After having Colin, I reevaluated how I was doing business and needed a way to work less and still make a big difference. I had to figure out a way how I could still spend time with Reiley, raise a newborn, and share my message.

That is when I made the decision to scale (expand) my business online. It was a really big risk and I really had no clue if it would work. But I trusted my gut and ran with it.

I had trusted my intuition since 2006, when I started my personal development and spiritual journey. That was nothing new for me.

Moving my business online really allowed me to niche down how I wanted to help others and develop the community I wanted to start. Over time, I started noticing that I was really interested in helping people find true success in life and business. Success to me is just another word for happiness. You can't have success without happiness or at least that's how I understand it.

So now I help others follow their passions and hearts to create what they truly desire. I know firsthand what it is like to create and pursue what you desire in life.  I also know the important steps that are needed to bring it into fruition.

If I, an MBA grad can become a Psychic Medium and really live in my true purpose, I can help anyone find their true purpose and live it! Following your heart is a very unique journey, having support and guidance really matters.

When you hire me as your coach you will end up saving yourself time and money in the long run!

Graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and have my Masters of Business Administration through Waynesburg University.

I live in Pittsburgh, PA with my two kids (Reiley and Colin), and pets. On sunny days you will see me at the local swimming pool playing with my boys.

Ready for true happiness and living your best life?

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