It’s never over.  

Every single one of us has the capacity to speak to our loved ones in heaven.  

You need only ask, listen and believe!  

Maybe you’re struggling to heal from the loss of a loved one.  

Maybe you’re missing the advice you used to get from a friend or relative who has passed.  

Or maybe, you’re simply feeling lost, fed up with the lack of answers in the earthly realm and looking for a broader, more expansive, Divine perspective!  

I’m Kitsy Higgins. I’m a Psychic Medium and Business Intuitive and I’m here to tell you that the answers you seek are available to you on demand.  

Heaven is your personal Google.  

Your most reliable search engine.  

Your confidante, business partner and readily accessible guru!  

I started my career in the Corporate World and enjoyed great success. One day, I heard "quit and hospice" and within a month I quit my job and became a Reiki volunteer at hospice. Those were the first steps to starting this business!  

Since then, I have worked with hundreds of clients to open the portal between their souls and the souls in heaven. The only barriers that exist between our world and the next are the ones we construct in our minds.  

By dissolving those imaginary boundaries, we are privy to the extraordinary knowledge of our angels, guides and departed loved ones.  

What is it you need to know?  

What is it you need help with?  

What clarity do you seek?  

Whatever it is, the solution is just 3 simple steps.  

Ask. Listen. Believe.  

Newspaper Articles about Kitsy Valley News Dispatch - Jan 24, 2016