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Top Psychic Medium and Coach Kitsy Higgins has spent the last 9 years wowing clients with her direct-line intuitive insight!  

Corporate companies, professional development workshops and personal development programs world-wide are astounded by Kitsy’s uncanny ability to tune into exactly what their audiences need to hear and to deliver spot-on, motivating messages.

For the individual looking for fulfillment, the group looking to rise collectively, the entrepreneur looking for guidance and resources beyond this world or the virtual event host looking for a fresh take, Kitsy is the go-to choice. Her fun, dynamic workshops will show you and your audience unique perspectives that will change your lives for years to come!


  Kitsy is available to speak on the following topics:  

  • BEing Whole: In a world where we are taught to blend in and to conform as much as possible, Kitsy Higgins will discuss the importance of standing out and being unique. It is important that we allow our uniqueness to be seen. It is when we hide ourselves and our beliefs that life is not the best. That may show up in depression, anxiety, or panic attacks. When we live authentically and as our authentic selves can we experience true happiness and joy!

  • Be Your Own Medium: The 3-steps you need to connect with your loved ones! We all have the ability! 

  • Business Growth: Kitsy will discuss the strategies that have helped her scale her business from a locally known coach to a global business in the making. She'll also discuss the fears, beliefs, and stumbling blocks that may be holding entrepreneurs back from really shining.

  • Follow Your Bliss: It is important that we know what we want and go after just that! When we know our values and the things that are important to us we are able to create the life that will give us those exact things. Living a life on our terms allows our lives to e our own piece of art! When we truly know what we want, in terms of freedom, growth, and happiness can we truly chase our dreams and take steps towards the life of our dreams!
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