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Top Psychic Medium and Business Intuitive Kitsy Higgins has spent the last 7 years wowing clients with her direct-line insight from heaven!  

Corporate companies, professional development workshops and personal development programs world-wide are astounded by Kitsy‚Äôsuncanny ability to tune into exactly what their audiences need to hear and to deliver spot-on, motivating messages from the next realm.  

For the individual looking for fulfillment, the group looking to rise collectively, the entrepreneur looking for guidance and resources beyond this world or the virtual event host looking for a fresh take on the science of Divine Connection and Communication, Kitsy is the go-to choice. Her fun, dynamic workshops will show you and your audience how to open your airwaves and become powerful receptors of messages from beyond.  


  Kitsy is available to speak on the following topics:  

  • Becoming Whole: Release the control and the fears that are holding you back! Release the past and step boldly in the future! 

  • Be Your Own Medium: The 3-steps you need to connect with your loved ones! We all have the ability! 

  • Heal the World: The visibility path for Healers and Entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their reach to the global stage!  
  • Dreaming Big: The Do's and Dont's on acheiving big dreams. Learn the mistakes Kitsy has made in the pursuit of acheiving her BIG goals. The positive side is that her life has flourished in the process of the mistakes. If you are looking for a motivational and fun lecture this is the one for you!