Create A Beautiful Life

Private Coaching Program

Create a life of beautiful, peace and happiness! 

- Are you ready to find a new path that is even more beautiful than your current life?

-Are you looking to live a life that is authentic to YOU?

-Have you noticed that you aren't that present with those you love?

-Are you looking to feel excited, joyful, and free?

In this program, we will:

1. Get present with our lives so we are not future living but living in our present! It is not about mansions, expensive cars, or big dreams. Of course, we can still chase those dreams, but we must enjoy our current life and the beauty happening now!

2. Learn and get more comfortable speaking up for ourselves. It is time that we show our authentic selves. Stop hiding your opinions, thoughts, and feelings. Speak our truths confidentially.

3. Learn how you may be self-abandoning in your life. You could be self-abandon through self-care, not standing up for your boundaries, or ignoring your feelings.

4. Focusing on the good. Sometimes in life, you focus on the not-so-good. We have to stop pouring our energy into those situations and pour our energy into the good. So MORE GOOD THINGS WILL HAPPEN!

5. Seeing and creating magic. Let's make some magic in your life! What do you want? What do you desire? Let me teach you the ways to achieve those through magic!

****Money bonus - 9 things to stop doing with $$$$. There are ways how we behave with money. Let's change these ways so more will show up! So it can be our friend and ally!

Purchase the program by May 6th to receive:

- Six 60 min calls over three months, two calls a month.

-Twelve videos discussing the steps to create an epic life sent to your inbox weekly + bonus videos

-Group Call (120 min) each month with everyone enrolled.

-Peer 2 Peer Support Group on Facebook with the other attendees

Program begins May 15th!


-Becoming Whole Digital Course (Over $1,500 value)

-BEing Whole Digital Course (Over $1,000 value)

Over $2,500 of bonuses!



"She is just the right mix of friendly and professional! I definitely feel like a better version of myself" Alison, Pa

"When you find yourself distressed, confused about the workings of your life, unsure how to move forward, you'll find Kitsy is the answer" JB, Ca

"I encourage anyone with an open mind and a desire for healing and growth to work with her. You will not be disappointed! And will definitely leave at a better place then you started!" LM, Pa


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