Create Your Dream Business

Are you ready to:

Create the business of your dreams?

Expand your healing business online so you can have more impact, freedom and income?

Create a legacy that can outlive you?

Become and be more yourself so you can truly shine online?

Go to the next level, you may not know what that looks like right now but that is where you want to go?

Move past heartbreak? Whether that was recent or in the past that you are still hung up on.

Have a better relationship with money?

Feel amazing, happy, and grateful?

Me too!

Well, at least I used to.

At one point in time, many of these feelings, beliefs and realities were very, very true for me.

I've been there.

I desired something bigger and better!

I had a business I loved that was outside of Pittsburgh, PA. But I was tired of trading time for money. I was helping many people locally, which was terrific, but I could only help so many people a year. In addition, I was in a co-dependent relationship with someone that kept treating me unkindly. All while having large sums of credit card debts, usually five figures, at one point, six figures.

I'll never forget the day I finally decided things had to change.
After having my second child, I realized I would work fewer hours, which would mean less money. Something HAD TO CHANGE. So I asked for divine guidance.

I decided to find a way to work the same amount of hours but make more impact and money. I declared that I was tired of always having credit card debt, and I was changing my money habits.


Create Your Dream Business is me keeping my promise!

This journey wasn't for me, it was for all the healers that are looking for a new way to do business and have a better relationship with money! This journey would be for all of us!

First, I had to work on what I wanted to keep with my business and what was taking up a lot of time. Then, those long workshops and courses that I offered over, over and over again were immediately recorded and made into digital courses. That created more time and space for other things in my business.
Then I figured out how to sell those courses without my time or effort. Finally, I found a way for customers to click the button, pay for the course, and get it to their email within minutes.

But my business journey didn't end there. For me to sell these products and for people to find me online, I had to step into my next level ME!

What is your next level, Kitsy?

Great question! To me, that looks like my unapologetic self, that is shining her light and being magnetic AF! Stepping into myself like no other!

You may be wondering, why the heartbreak course? How does my heartbreak fit into all of this new self and business? That is another excellent question. To me, your heartbreak cracks open a new version of YOU. Instead of having your heart get hardened and thick. This heartbreak course will soften your heart, yourself, and your life. You will live differently, all fitting into the next level YOU!

To teach this, and teach this well, I had to take it much deeper.

Taking it deeper means no more self-abandonment, hiding, and excepting less. But, in turn, knowing what I deserve, being authentic and shining!!

Something happens when you merge this new business with this new self!


I've continued to increase my understanding of this new business, self, and relationship with money.

And it works

Today, I own a brand that helps over a 1,000 people a year with my YouTube videos and courses. And it keeps increasing yearly. Because I have my business the way it is now, it will continue to grow in income and views every year! I am saying yes to opportunities to be seen, which is a total 180. Allowing me to be seen on TV and in various media outlets for speaking my truth. I am pleased being single and do not feel lonely! I am living my life on my terms! Next month I am purchasing a home in the city of Pittsburgh. This home will have my own dedicated office to do all my coaching sessions and videos. I have $0 of new credit card debt. Money and life are no longer stressful. Instead of saying no to things that look fun, I say, "heck yes," because of my new relationship with money. I know things are always working out for me and that money really likes being around me!

Giving Back

10% of the proceeds in April for "Create Your Dream Life" course will go to B Strong Disaster Relief. B Strong offers emergency assistance to people in crisis - an initiative in partnership with global empowerment mission.

I now have a business of my dreams!

I obviously cannot guarantee specific results with this course, my attorney would tell me that's not how this works.

Here is what some of my clients have said about working with me:

"She is just the right mix of friendly and professional! I definitely feel like a better version of myself" Alison, Pa

"When you find yourself distressed, confused about the workings of your life, unsure how to move forward, you'll find Kitsy is the answer" JB, Ca

"I encourage anyone with an open mind and a desire for healing and growth to work with her. You will not be disappointed! And will definitely leave at a better place then you started!" LM, Pa

The details, what you get!

Receive all of Kitsy's courses that have been created since she started her online business journey!

Plus a Facebook group of the class of 2023. For additional support, and wisdom.

What is included?

Heal the World Academy

Reinventing How YOU Do Business!

Are you a healer or reader that would like to have more clients?

Do you have a successful local business and want to help people outside your local area?

Do you want to help more people but not have to work more hours?

You weren’t meant to stay hidden.

-Show up confidently online!

-Be known worldwide!

-Impact 10,000s of people a year or more!

-Let people around the world purchase your products and sessions!

12 weeks of videos, and 9 bonus videos.

Some of the bonus topics:

-Importance of Vulnerability

-Shine: Visibility Strategies

-Dream Big

-Heal the World, Reinventing the way you do business

Valued Over $2,000

BEing Whole

Reclaim who you were born to be!   

Do you say to yourself "I just want to BE whole?"  

Are you ready for your next level?  

Are you ready to step into alignment with your true self?  

Are you ready to feel peace, happiness, and love for yourself?

Who is this for?

-Feel lost, alone, or broken

-Need fulfillment

-Forgot the power that lays dormant in you

-Stuck in too much of your past traumas

-Reconnect with the person you were born to be!

11 weeks of videos, 3 bonus videos Just to name a few. "Follow Your Bliss" Workshop, "5 Secrets of the World" Audio

Valued over $1,500

Happiness After Heartbreak

Move on from heartbreak and like or LOVE your life again!

Have you experienced heartache recently?

Are you feeling abandoned, lost, or lonely?

Are you ready for the next steps to moving forward past your heartbreak?

Are you looking for a way to embrace and accept where you are now?

Is your main goal to have true happiness?

By the end of this course you will:

-Learn about your inner child and how to work with her

-Find out what truly makes you happy

-Accept the situation more

-Focus on yourself and your awesome future

-Get your confidence back

12 weeks of videos, and 4 bonus videos

Valued over $600


Create the business of your dreams!

Are you God DANG ready to see results in your business?

Are you so close to throwing in the towel because you feel like you are wasting your time and money, yet STILL going after your dream business?

Are you feel frustrated that you put all this time and money into creating a business of your dreams, yet seeing no results?

In this course you will:

-Birth and start SEEING your business come to life!

-Learn an easy technique that will create the business of your dreams.

-Break through the fears of being seen, fear of success, and fear of seeing your manifesting powers.

-Learn the steps needed to achieve your goals.

12 weeks of videos, and 3 bonuses.

Example of bonus: "4 Money Beliefs that will change your life!" Audio

Valued over $2,000

Totaling over $6,000 value

Please note this is a digital course. All videos sent to your email automatically. Every two weeks you will receive a new course; Heal the World Academy is first, then BEing Whole, Happiness After Heartbreak, and finally Business Alchemy. You have unlimited replays and can take as long as you need to go through the course. You have lifetime access to these courses!

Pay in full gift:

Mug "I am creating my f*cking dream business"

Purchase here - 1 Payment


I am not a healer but I want an online business. Will this course still work for me?

Hell yes! This course is all about expanding your business online, finding your next level self, and sharing that with the world.

Do I have access to any new files you add to in the future?

Yes, any additional videos or insights that I record in the future will be added to this course. You will be notified any time I add new videos for the lifetime of this course for no additional charge

If I am unhappy with the digital course, what is the return policy?

Customers can cancel or return any product they bought without providing a reason for up 48 hours after the purchase.

Looking forward to helping you create the business of your dreams!!!