Giving away $10,000

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I gave away $10,000 of my business last year! You may be asking, "you did what?!?!?" I gave away major portions of my business that was making me at least $10,000. I know you are having a jaw-dropping pause at this moment. I bet your second question is "why the heck did you do that KITSY?" Well, it's simple really. I felt that inner nudge - that "knowing" that it was time for different things. Even though those parts of my business were amazing and incredible, it was time to move on. When you know you know. Sometimes when you have a big goal or a new vision, you have to let go of the things you are currently working on to allow that new goal or vision to come through, especially if your current accomplishments are no longer aligning with your future. You have to leave those parts of your business behind. I knew I had out grown my business. I knew it was time to move on to better things, and I wanted to give those previous accomplishments to people that would take good care of them and use them to continue making an impact in the community. Are you feeling a shift or change in your business, but are to scared to follow through? Trust what you are receiving. It can be hard to outgrow your business, but by doing so, you are opening the door to a beautiful potential for bigger and better things.

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