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  Wow, this word makes my skin crawl. I have felt this feeling and I was in it for a year, and it was hard for me to deal with, let alone for my husband and my children to deal with. You know, overwhelm always happens when there's one extra thing added to your life. You have a totally good life, you're totally thriving and then one BIG thing happens. Maybe it's: -a business that is expanding -having another child -care-giving for someone else in your family -one extra thing added to your plate -it's not hiring that person that you know you need to hire because you tell yourself "oh no I got it" -being around a person that just takes a little bit more out of you than others -losing an important person from your life that helped you stay out of overwhelm There's that one thing that kind of breaks the overwhelm cycle and you get to that place where things need to shift. There's been generations in which women were constantly in overwhelm, in a place of frustration, unhappiness and thinking we have to do everything. but times are changing. It's okay to ask for help and it's okay to stay out of overwhelm. You are not a "bad" person if you ask for help, you are not "bad" for choosing a different option than the generation before you did. In today's society, we have amazing people who can support you, your growth, and your busy life. Allowing you to have the greatest potential in your life & bu&iness. Ladies, this is a pivotal time in our lives where we are able to have a possible work life balance. There may be things that need to be put in place and judgments you have about yourself that need to be let go in order to have that balance. There is an opportunity to have a good balance, get out of overwhelm and stress. There's an opportunity to actually be our best selfes but there may be tools and techniques that need to be established to take you out of the place that you're in right now. Does this sound like your life? Which one best describes your life: A. Overwhelmed B. Stressed C. Have an unhealthy balance of work and life D. All of the above  

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