So You Want to be a Healer?

Are you ready to start a healing, reading, or coaching business?

Do you want to learn how to work with guides and angels while increasing your intuition?

Are you looking to be an even better version of yourself?

Sometimes, you wonder, "Who am I to start a healing business?"

Are you done with the excuses and ready to start being in service to others now?

Me too!

Well, at least I used to.

At one point in time, many of these feelings, and beliefs were very, very accurate for me.

I've been where you are! And you are worthy of a healing business and healing the world!

I desired to be in service to others too!

I was living in Pittsburgh at the time. I had wanted a Reiki Business for 2 or 3 years. I'll never forget that day. I was listening to my Reiki teacher's guided Reiki meditation, and she said, "All you have to do is ask your guide and angels for the next step." With my three month son, Reiley, on my lap, I asked my guides what the next step was. I heard "quit and hospice." I was supposed to be going back to my advertising representative job three months after that. Instead, I felt like a giant hand was on my back, pushing me to have conversations. Moving me to quit. Discussions with my husband at the time about leaving a lucrative sales career. Though he wasn't thrilled with my choice, and we both liked the income I was making at the time. The push on my back was so strong that he supported my vision. 

I also had a conversation with my parents. As much as they were apprehensive, she supported my decision also. She said, "This is why you went to college. So you can have options." She was right. Having a college degree was nice, but at that moment, I wanted to help others and be a full-time Mom to my little boy (now 11 years old). I could always fall back on my degree if this business didn't work out.

I followed what I heard and looked into volunteering as a Reiki practitioner at a local hospice. Those next six months were a beautiful experience and helped birth my career as a healer and medium. Being around people who were on the verge of dying 2 or 3 days from the time I met them was uncomfortable. But it was also amazing to hear how Reiki affected the patients each time I visited it. The nurses noticed a shift in the patients. They were calmer and more accepting of where they were in life. Volunteering at the hospice allowed me to see the power of Reiki. If it could calm someone days away from dying who would have usually been very scared, there was something HUGE to Reiki. Reiki allowed them to come back to their inner light. For some reason, they had left their inner light behind and needed Reiki to reconnect them to the light, helping them have a peaceful dying experience.

A few months later, more gifts started appearing in my life; my 3rd Eye Psychic Surgery dream happened a little later. I finally found an office space to do readings out of. This beautiful healing center was in Highland Park, a beautiful part of Pittsburgh with large mansions and a beautiful vibe. This office space was just what I needed. It had this gorgeous blue paint on the walls. I only rented 10 hours a week, but it was PERFECT for what I needed. It was a perfect place to do Reiki sessions rather than doing them in my home with a 1-year-old.

Thank God I trusted my guidance back in October 2012. Thank God I didn't listen to the nay-sayers saying it would be impossible to start a healing business. I am where I am today because I listened to my inner guidance. I loved my healing business. It has brought me tons of joy over the years. I do not regret taking the steps I did ten years ago.

I have always enjoyed helping other women succeed at creating a business that can help the world! We first have to heal ourselves to heal others. This course is the first step!

Over the last ten years, I have worked with over 50 women who wanted to start a business. A business where they can work part-time hours but get paid full-time rates. A business that they can work around their family members' schedules or their children's schooling. That is what is so great about a business like this. YOU get to create your hours. YOU get to do the business you desire!

One of the best parts of this business is being in service. Serving others is one of the most fantastic perks of this career. Allowing the lessons and insights you have learned to help others is AMAZING. Having a client leave your office feeling peaceful, accepting life, or having confidence in themselves is the greatest gift of all time!


I obviously cannot guarantee specific results with this course, my attorney would tell me that's not how this works.

Here is what some of my clients have said about working with me:

"She is just the right mix of friendly and professional! I definitely feel like a better version of myself" Alison, Pa

"When you find yourself distressed, confused about the workings of your life, unsure how to move forward, you'll find Kitsy is the answer" JB, Ca

"I encourage anyone with an open mind and a desire for healing and growth to work with her. You will not be disappointed! And will definitely leave at a better place then you started!" LM, Pa

This course is all-encompassing. You have a little bit of everything. You receive:

Business Alchemy Course

Helps you alchemize and birth your business.

Becoming Whole Course

This course is three courses in one. There are 18 hours of video in this one course alone. In this course, we discuss essential insights that I taught over and over again in my business, intuition, guides, angels, and finally, letting go of beliefs that you will need to let go of to find and come back to yourself.

Create A Beautiful Life Course

Whew! This course is like any other. This course will help you appreciate your life more. It will allow you to sink more into being present and fully valuing yourself!

So, You Want To Be a Healer Workshops

Which gives you tips on starting a healing business affordability.

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