Start Your Spiritual Journey

Take your psychic and healing abilities to the next level.

-Are you ready to heal yourself and your life? Releasing the emotional baggage that is holding you back in life?

-Are you looking to learn how intuition works and increase your intuiton?

-Would you like to receive loving and beautiful messages from your deceased loved ones, guides and angels?

-Is it time to have a more peaceful and calm life?

In this unique online course Kitsy will give you the tools you need to become confident in trusting your intuition, receiving guidance, and a Reiki healer.  

Whether you like to dabble in the mystic arts or interested in starting a business this course is for you!

This course includes:

Third Eye Psychic Surgery

-reopen your third eye


Two Way Conversation

-Learn how to invite in your deceased loved ones

-Remove the Veil Meditation 


Reiki One Course

-gives you the ability to heal yourself and others



Intuition Workshop

-Learn the ways intuition works & how to increase


Guides and Angels Workshop

-The four steps on how to communicate with them

-Learn how to transition Spirits to heaven in an easy technique


Bonus #1

Reconnect with your Guides and Angels Meditation

Bonus #2

Meditation to Connect with Deceased Loved Ones


Bonus #3

Help, I Want To Start A Spiritual Business Workshop

(90 Minutes)

After watching all these videos and practicing Reiki, you too may get the bug to want to start a Spiritual Business!

These courses and workshops have never been in one package before! And, of course, Kitsy will be your expert guide for every step of your journey!

Here's your rare chance to be taught by Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher Kitsy Higgins.

What makes this course unique?

-It includes Kitsy's most popular courses in one program. It allows you to become psychic and Reiki attuned. 

-Receive the workshops all together, allowing you to choice where to start. You will receive access to all videos immediately upon enrollment. Allowing you the freedom to binge watch all the videos at once.

-Watch videos anywhere by smartphone or computer.

-Lifetime access.



"I feel honored to have been able to receive help and guidance from such a beautiful soul." ~A.D.

"She is a gem and a pleasure to be with and work with. I look forward to continuing my spiritual work with her. Thank you for your insights and suggestions."~M.K.

"When you find yourself distressed, confused about the workings of your life, unsure how to move forward, you'll find Kitsy is the answer."~J.B.

"Kitsy truly has a gift"~L.M.

Third Eye Psychic Surgery Digital Course "Last night, I felt a spiritual entity in a dreamlike state saying, "Your are going to receive this psychic attunement now" and then felt their arms wrapped around me for a short period of time. This feeling didn't last long and went back to a normal dream like state. This morning when I woke up, I felt a strong sensation on my third eye and still feel pressure there." ~E.M.

Reiki One Course "Kitsy is a wonderful energetic person. I'm very happy that she was my Reiki 1 teacher and would highly recommend that you meet her!" ~D.G.


Learn Reiki, connect with your guides, and increase your intuition in one course!

We all have the ability to receive guidance from the other side and heal ourselves with our hands. This is the course to allow you to learn these life changing skills!

I obviously cannot guarantee specific results with this course. However, I can tell you that the students in these courses repeatedly rave about how it helped them to drop their doubt around healing their past, connecting with their deceased loved ones, guides and angels, and trust their intuition more! 

Move into the experience of healing, removing baggage, receiving beautiful guidance, and increased intuition.

This program is worth over $999

I could be charging $999 for this course or more, but my goal is to put this secret knowledge in as many hands as possible. 

Because of that, the rate is far less then what I should be charging. 

Purchase the program in full now and receive an ADDITIONAL $25 of the rate.

Purchase Here - 1 payment



 I'm super busy right now. What if I don't have time to take the course now?  

All the videos are sent when purchased, but is up to you when you start. You have this content forever. And you can take the course completely at your own pace. Often students love the course so much that they go through it more than once.  

Are you offering a payment plan?  

YES! I love payment plans.

What can I expect from this course?  

Healing, elevated content inside of a transformational container of love, growth and healing. A renewed belief in yourself. New insights. Meditations. Teachings with practical and energetic steps laid out for you. Movement in the direction of opening up to the messages of our hidden helpers and releasing of what no longer serves you. 

Can you guarantee specific results?  

I love this program and fully believe in the principles in it. The testimonials on this page are from real live people who has taken these courses and have worked with Kitsy before.

 However, as I have no way of knowing what you will do with the program, I can not guarantee results or increased intuition, guidance, and healing.  

More Questions? Email for help!