Third Eye Psychic Surgery

You’re about to discover how you can awaken a power locked deep inside of you that can shift the way you live life.  

  This is a skill so powerful that you’ll be amazed that you can turn it on like a switch, trust yourself, and start reading the guidance you receive from your intuition as easily as you read a page in a book.  

  Anyone can do this, but most people DON’T!  


Have you always been aware that you’re, well…different somehow?  

Are people drawn to you as an empathetic listener?  

Have you felt a pull to deepen your intuitive gifts?  

Do you believe that there is an energy in a dimension that you haven’t yet been able to access, but want to?  

Are you feeling stuck and unhappy, but don’t know how to make a change?  

Are you ready to welcome more flow, more joy, and more abundance into your life?  


I know the way.  

Before we go any further, though, let me say that I was shocked to discover that all it took was a unique way to tune into my intuition and connect with the realm beyond so I could make a huge impact on my life and the lives of all the people I help!  


  Introducing my newest, most POWERFUL technique yet -  

Third Eye Psychic Surgery:  

Awaken your Connection between this World and the Next

  Take part in this life-changing workshop so you can awaken abilities that have lain dormant your entire life and finally:  

  • Trust yourself so you can attract limitless abundance and joy 
  • Lift the veil between you and the next realm 
  • Unblock your intuitive abilities
  • Experience the euphoria of spontaneous insight 
  • Dissolve the wall between yourself and the messages you most need to deliver (or hear!) 
  • Gain more faith—and strength—in your intuition 
  • Free yourself from fear and being stuck where you are 
  • Feel at peace 
  • Learn to listen to your Divine Self 
  • And so much more! 

I’ve taught this workshop to 100s of people live, and they have had such remarkable results! Trust the instinct that tells you to rearrange your schedule and enjoy a day outside! Get over your fear of meeting new people, connect with the right person, and make your goals happen even faster!  


This ground-breaking, 90-minute workshop will open the all-important third eye chakra and truly indulge in a world of limitless possibilities!  


Through years of study and personal experience in honing my intuition and removing the walls and blocks around my own third eye, I have figured out the most direct path to teaching others how to do the same.  


Now, I’m offering this workshop to you, allowing you to have the third eye sight so you can craft the life you want—and DESERVE!  


Picture this:  

You know you need to become a better presenter for your business to explode, but personal development books aren’t cutting it. You need to get over the fear of failure and judgment that you’ve attached to being in front of the room. One trick can get you in touch with the intuition that tells you what to say, who to look at, and how to pitch.  


The anxiety and depression that has plagued you for years keeps you from looking for opportunities, let alone asking for them. But with your third eye open, you can connect with the other realm and know where to look, where to be and have the confidence to ask for a date, a promotion, or coffee with a friend you’ve lost touch with.  

The possibilities to impact your life NOW are endless!  

Why the Third Eye?  


The third eye has been a touchstone of spirituality across many cultures for thousands of years. In Eastern tradition, the third eye is the key to perception and intuition...truly "seeing" your world and existence in it.  


The ancients first discovered the power of the third eye chakra. In fact, it was common for yogis and other spiritual practitioners in India to focus their work on aligning, balancing, and opening their chakras to make them even more powerful to enact good in their own lives, as well as the lives of others.  


Today, although many people have heard of chakras, they don't access the power because they don't understand how. They haven't heard of the simple way to open your chakras and allow them to work for you. With ease. Effortless. And powerful.  


We all have the ability to use this powerful tool, with some training. And if you already know you have a gift, you're already halfway there.  


In fact, I bet you've used it before, just for a second, and didn't even realize it.  


A friend of mine said she was putting away the dishes from her dishwasher one day, and she was upset and in a hurry. She already knew, of course, that she should be cautious with her dishes because they are fragile. However, as she was mechanically putting the dishes away, she felt a tug, almost like someone had flicked her on her forehead. She ignored it and continued picking up the bowl she had just touched. As she lifted, it slipped from her hand and landed directly on the top of another bowl, breaking the bottom bowl perfectly in two.  


Only afterward did my friend realize that she had put herself into the correct state for harnessing her third eye energy for a brief moment (it was something I had explained to her before). She certainly won't miss that message next time, especially since she has gone through the process to open her third eye for good!  


Psychic surgery can change much bigger things for you, removing the blocks from your third eye and unlocking a path of unlimited vision, insight, intuition...and peace.  


Why should you listen to me?  

"I know where you are right now. I have been in your shoes of not even hearing your intuition or if you do it is very minimal. Just 10 years ago I had the hardest time making decisions. I would ask 3-5 people about what to do with men, careers, or life in general. After receiving this Third Eye Psychic Surgery, in a dream, it has put me in a place of complete trust of my gut feelings! I don't ask people for guidance. I check in, listen quietly, receive the answer, and do what it says. Life is so much easier when you have increased your intuition! With this Third Eye Psychic Surgery, what may have taken years to increase can now take days or just a few months!"  


The truth is that we occasionally float into the correct state without ever knowing it! But when our third eye has opened, and we trust the guidance we receive, we become so much more powerful!  


Use it to communicate on your own behalf. Use it to strengthen your ability to help others. But most importantly…use it!  


Be ready! Once your third eye is open you will become a powerful conduit for messages from heaven and will be a 24/7 receptor of life-changing insight!  


You will change your perspective in every part of your life!  


“My senses have increased, especially in my hand area. Different feelings and sensations has increased since receiving the Third Eye Psychic Surgery." ~Jean Reese, Medium  


"Truly amazing experience" ~ MS, Intuition Beginner  


"I am experiencing more clarity, letting go of emotional baggage, and definitely opened up my intuition and ability to understand the effects of experiences on my body and spirit." ~Lisa    

Here’s what you’ll get:

-The 90 minute Third Eye Psychic Surgery Workshop

-Video explaining what to do next after the Surgery

-A bonus Intuition development video

If you’re ready to trust and love yourself completely . . .  

If you’re ready to open up your third eye to receive the guidance it has for you ...  

If you’re ready to experience life full-on without second-guessing and chickening out . . .  

Then let me prescribe Third Eye Psychic Surgery.

Yes, I'm ready for Third Eye Psychic Surgery!

Warning: you may experience peace, confidence, and determination that you’ve never had before.

You might even feel discomfort at first but don’t mistake a new level of awareness as something uncomfortable. It’s actually the doorway to the most authentic, connected experience of life possible.

Just like any new skill is uncomfortable until it becomes a part of you, this new level of awareness, once integrated, will become a way of life!

But if initial discomfort happens, I recommend that you embrace those feelings and doing some grounding techniques.

Doctor’s orders!

*Third Eye Psychic Surgery DOES NOT HURT, though you may feel pressure or a headache for a day*

Even though this is the most powerful process I can give you to finally harness the power of your third eye, because I want you to experience the ability to finally meet your dreams halfway and start trusting yourself again.

This power has been lying dormant within you long enough.

Are you ready to awaken a huge force for good in your life?

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