Fear of Success

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  Fear of success is real and it is stopping your growth! I often hear people say they have a fear of failure, but more people than not have a fear of success. It's usually the fear of everything that is possible and everything that you are trying to achieve can actually happen - sounds great but also sounds scary. There's so many ways we self-sabotage ourselves into not wanting to have the thing we actually want. We are hoping for that big goal but are not actively taking the steps to actually have that dream and vision come true. Remember that we have to start seeing the self-sabotaging behaviors to move past what holds us back, and to be able to confidently walk into the fear of the unknown. We have to walk into the fear of success no matter how uncomfortable it is. The good news is, if you take the right action and if you take the right steps by continuing to show up, the fear of success diminishes. The first thing that needs to be done, is to love the place within yourself that has fear of success. By doing that, we create opportunity to heal the fears and therefore are able to move forward in confidence. Do you have a fear of success? In what area of your life is fear causing you to stop forward progress on the goals and dreams you desire?

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