Two Way Conversations to Heaven

We all have the ability to communicate with our loved ones!

But what if you could actually answer them?!  

  You can.  

  It’s not crazy. Every day, all over the world, the barriers between heaven and earth are dissolving and people are being gifted with the extraordinary ability to see and speak to their loved ones who have passed.  

  I’m Kitsy Higgins, and for the last 7 years I have been helping clients all over the world to communicate with their deceased loved ones and to receive messages and guidance from their angels.  

  And I have heard one thing over and over again…  


  “I wish I could do this myself.”  

  I’ve been seeing spirits and speaking with them over the last few years but that’s not because I was the “chosen one.” Every single human being has the capacity to do what I do.  

  But as we grow up, our innate ability to walk between worlds begins to evaporate.  


  We begin to adopt the beliefs and skepticism of our families and friends.  

  And we forget. We forget that while we may be living earthly lives, our souls remain connected to the Divine realm. The chord is still tied to the spirit world from which we came.  

  And at any given moment, we can make the choice to tune into that connection, to open it back up, to remember that we’ve always known how to communicate with heaven.  

  Because you aren’t going to be using just your voice. You will be communicating soul to soul.  

  This isn’t a scam. This is a tool for the believers.  

  If you want to learn… you can. Anyone can.  

  The only thing that stands between you and your ability to talk to your deceased loved one is your willingness to open up your heart and spirit to receive.  

  Right now you can get immediate access to the course  

  2-Way Conversations with Heaven!  

How to establish an ongoing connection with your departed loved ones and keep the lines of communication open and strong long after they’ve left this earth.  


  It’s worth repeating…  

 The only thing that separates you from your loved ones in heaven is what you allow yourself to believe is possible…  

  Ties are never fully severed. Voices don’t really go quiet.  

  At any moment, for any reason, you can open ourselves up to receive messages from beyond…and send messages back.  

  Would you like to learn how?

YES! For only $7, send me the course!

 2-Way Conversations with Heaven is the perfect companion to the 5 Signs you just downloaded because now, not only will you be able to recognize a sign from your loved one, you’ll be able to understand why they are there, what they are trying to say, and how you can connect with them as you would if they were standing in front of you.  

You’ve likely been feeling something.  


Some part of you KNOWS that the spirit of your loved one is all around you. You’re not crazy and it’s not a coincidence. And no one else needs to understand.  

This is a sacred conversation between you and the people you love who have passed on.  

It’s private. It’s special. It’s divinely ordained. And you deserve to feel the peace that comes with knowing there is no such thing as a last conversation.  

2-Way Conversations with Heaven includes: Three videos with unlimited downloads 1. The four easy steps to connect with your loved ones (26:07) 2. Intuition development (18:35) 3. Meditation to remove the veil which separates you from your loved ones (18:50) 4. Beliefs that may be holding you back from connecting PDF