Alignment YOU Digital Course

Align yourself and attract your dream life!

- Are you ready to live authentically?

-Are you ready to merge the masculine and the feminine? The pieces of you that felt unsafe while growing up, so it has been hidden this whole time?

-Are you ready to create happiness from within?

-Are you ready to attract the life you have desired for some time now? You know that something has been off. You know there is a different way to live, but you have yet to pinpoint what it is.

All of my life courses combined. Four courses in one!

Becoming Whole, BEing Whole, Happiness After Heartbreak, and Create Your Beautiful Life Course.

1. Becoming Whole. Remove the expectations, disappointments, and limited beliefs holding you back. You once hid yourself because you knew it was not safe to be authentic. You stepped into survival mode, which is what you HAD to do, and it makes sense. But survival mode was not meant to be forever. It was not a home that was supposed to be for the rest of your life. You know you are in survival mode if you are constantly in your head or continually doing things.

2. BEing Whole. Now that you have shed some layers, the first step is being that version of yourself and STAYING there. You still have work to go even deeper. To step even farther into the unknown. Those parts of yourself that even YOU kept hidden from yourself. Stepping and staying in those places (one being your heart and in your body for long periods) is still new and uncomfortable. This course will help you accelerate the healing to allow you to feel and be in your body and to take up space!

3. Happiness After Heartbreak. Now, you are stepping more into your heart and body; it is time to reclaim that inner child. Reclaim those pieces of you that felt abandoned and not loved. Claiming these pieces of you will shift A LOT of things in your life. You will reclaim that relationship that has been severed for decades and finally pick up the pieces. Find that inner voice and that child that wants that connection with you, wants communication with you, and wants a say in your life. When this relationship is mended, you feel more you. The two sides of you (masculine and feminine) are united. Where you once felt lonely, you now feel whole and complete.

4. Create Your Beautiful Life. Now that the relationship between your inner child and you has been created and joined, it is time to clean up the rest of your life to make it even better, more beautiful, and more peaceful, allowing you to merge 3D with 5D to create the life you WANT! The world is your oyster! Find yourself, find your inner child, and combine those worlds to create MAGIC!

About Kitsy, your teacher, healer, and coach

This course is six years in the making. The person I am today is because of these steps. The confidence, radiance, and happiness oozing out of my smile and eyes. These steps are what took me to where I am today. I am teaching these insights because many of us have lost pieces of ourselves. We haven't felt safe in our bodies for a long time! We haven't felt happiness within ourselves for a long time, either. We may be trying to find happiness on the outside. We may be chasing a high or happiness on the outside. But when you cultivate the feeling from within, your life SHIFTS. And it shifts at fast speeds!

This course will close on November 17th at 12pm.

Along with the four courses you will also receive these bonuses!

-Facebook Group - Peer 2 Peer Support Group on Facebook with the other attendees

-All of Kitsy's Money Courses - Over $1,000 value - Start wherever you are currently with money and take steps to have a great relationship with it so you can create the life of your dreams!

-Attraction YOU workshop - Over $300 - The five steps you need to attract anything you want in life
Over $1,300 of bonuses!



"She is just the right mix of friendly and professional! I definitely feel like a better version of myself" Alison, Pa

"When you find yourself distressed, confused about the workings of your life, unsure how to move forward, you'll find Kitsy is the answer" JB, Ca

"I encourage anyone with an open mind and a desire for healing and growth to work with her. You will not be disappointed! And will definitely leave at a better place then you started!" LM, Pa


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Do I have access to any new files you add to in the future?

Yes, any additional videos or insights that I record in the future will be added to this course. You will be notified any time I add new videos for the lifetime of this course for no additional charge

If I am unhappy with the digital course, what is the return policy?

Customers can cancel or return any product they bought without providing a reason for up to 48 hours after the purchase.

Is this the lowest price of Alignment YOU?

Yes, this is the lowest you will see till the next launch in 2024. Depending on the courses included it could be at a higher rate.