Intuitive Business Session

Hire heaven as your business consultant  

Stuck on a business problem? Can’t seem to hit the next level? Your deceased loved ones, angels and guides have perspective beyond our earthly capabilities. Heaven can literally be your “angel” investor and advisory board, providing valuable insight into what it will take to experience rapid growth in your business. This is a unique, holistic and intuitive approach for entrepreneurs and healers who have exhausted their resources in this world and are ready to tap into the power and wisdom of the world beyond!

Bonus - receive two workshops of Kitsy's. She will hand-pick the workshops that she feels best suit you and your business—valued over $149.  


"She is just the right mix of friendly and professional! I definitely feel like a better version of myself" Alison, PA

"When you find yourself distressed, confused about the workings of your life, unsure how to move forward, you'll find Kitsy is the answer" JB, CA

"I encourage anyone with an open mind and a desire for healing and growth to work with her. You will not be disappointed! And will definitely leave at a better place then you started!" LM, PA

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